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What customers are saying...

  • user 1 Advaned Woman Calendar helped me understand my body's natural rhythms. After using it daily for only one month, I was aware of when I ovulated. It was fun to use Woman Calendar. It worked. I just had my baby!


  • user 2 LOL & LOVE it! Program is well thought out, and even the pink is pretty ;p For real anti-conception you will need other stuff, but for getting pregnant this actually is a very convenient tool. Thanx!

    Devvie Nullius.

  • user 3 My wife and I have been using earlier versions of this program since 2007. I can honestly say it is a great track record / statistical tool in many ways.
    Not all women are precise when it comes to "counting days" and I know this for a fact. This little program was a very good aid before we got married and has also been a good reference tool since we got married.
    You can set it to help you avoid an unwanted pregnancy and also to help you anticipate a woman's fertile days when you are looking to get pregnant.
    My wife can actually feel when she's ovulating and most of the time this calendar program has been spot on in predicting those days.
    You can also keep track of how many times you have made love to your wife through the years :)
    Thank you SOFTORBITS for developing! Your other photo editing software to remove date from photo is also works well. Here is their totorial for this: how to remove date from photo.


  • user 4 I am pregnant :) Nice and easy... Thanks!

    Karen Merkley.

Get Pregnant Faster

Get Pregnant Faster Tracking ovulation is the best and most natural way to find out the best time to get pregnant. Figure out your ovulation period the easy way! Women's Advanced Calendar helps women calculate their most fertile periods by analyzing their menstrual cycles. While women with regular 28-day cycles can calculate their ovulation date by simply adding 14 days to the first day of their period, determining the exact ovulation time may not be easy for those with irregular periods. Women's Advanced Calendar takes care of all calculations, helping women determine their most fertile days in no time.

Natural Birth Control

Natural Birth Control There are most fertile days and there are safe days in each ovulation period. Calculating safe days is the easiest, most natural method of birth control that requires no hormone pills or other things. Woman's Advanced Calendar helps you calculate your safest days by analyzing your periods. Once you fill in the days of your last periods, Women's Advanced Calendar will automatically calculate your ovulation cycle, predicting your most fertile days and displaying your safe days in a clear, color-coded grid.

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An Ovulation Calendar Can Help You Conceive

An Ovulation Calendar Can Help You Conceive Your chances of getting pregnant will be the highest when you're having ovulation. An ovulation calendar can help you plan your pregnancy by calculating your most fertile days. It's no rocket science to analyze your periods and determine the exact ovulation time. An ovulation calendar will be the first thing your OB/GYN will recommend if you're trying to conceive. Our software takes care of tracking your periods and calculating your most fertile days, helping you increase your chances to get pregnant.

Calculate Your Safe Days

Calculate Your Safe Days Not planning a baby yet? An Advanced Woman Calendar will calculate your safe days, too! It is the oldest, safest and most natural birth control method. Women's Advanced Calendar generates a clear, color schedule of your safe and fertile days. You can view it on your PC or print it out for daily use.

Conceiving a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl

Women's Advanced Calendar can help you conceive a boy or a girl by calculating the most probable days for conceiving a child of a certain sex.

Key Features

  • Calculates your personal fertility calendar based on your menstrual cycle
  • Predicts ovulation days
  • Calculates the best days for conceiving a baby
  • Calculates your safe days
  • Color-coded ovulation chart displays your most fertile and safe days
  • View your personal fertility calendar on your PC or carry a printed version
  • Password-protected user profiles
  • Optional daily notes with alerts and reminders
  • Helps planning a boy or a girl
  • Makes your personal ovulation into a live desktop wallpaper
  • Charts basal body temperature
  • Tracks premenstrual syndrome

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