Using a Fertilization Calendar

For those who are looking for the best chance to conceive a baby or give birth at the exact month they choose, they need not use anything but a fertile calendar for getting pregnant. While others may prefer to crunch the numbers themselves, maybe because they “want to be sure”, studies have shown that most women actually misjudge the start of their period – the most important consideration in computing your fertility dates – by a day. There’ll be none of that guesswork with a proper calendar using scientific algorithms to come up with your own personalized most fertile period calendar.

Using the fertile days calendar method manually on pen or paper, or even a cheat sheet in your purse or bathroom shelf, still leaves room for confusion and forgotten dates. There are, however, downloadable programs like Advanced Woman Calendar ( that are so easy to use and so full of information that many will probably agree that programs and apps like these are some of the greatest inventions of the internet age.

Advanced Woman Calendar

Simply input the start dates of your last 3 periods and these programs will automatically adjust for the irregularities or longer/shorter cycles that have made it so complicated to compute the fertilization calendar of so many women all over the world. With one click you get charts of your most fertile days and your safe days, when a home pregnancy test will be accurate after fertilization, even your target due date, all on color-coded graphics that are easy on the eye and are no trouble to understand. Moreover, these programs can tell you when to try for a boy or a girl, or simply help you monitor your premenstrual syndrome and next period. Extra features with the user in mind like password protection, customizable alerts plus money-back guarantees all add up to be the perfect tools for anyone trying for a baby.

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