An Effective Strategy to Monitor Ovulation

Did you know that sperms can live up to three days? If you know this fact, you will more likely succeed in your plan to have a new baby. As a mom, it is important that you learn how your ovulation process starts and ends. Not only because it is important but also because it helps you make the necessary preparation. Say for instance, you want to have a baby boy. If this is your ultimate goal, then knowing when to have an intimate moment with your husband is crucial. Your awareness helps you determine whether you are fertile in the moment of lovemaking. If you want to know when you are fertile, you should use an accurate ovulation predictor calendar like the Advaned Woman Calendar.

Using an ovulation predictor calculator allows you to plan lovemaking at the right time. Usually, it should be three days before your ovulation begins. You can also extend this one day after the ovulation period. This time frame is ideal if you want to fertilize the eggs in your ovary. Doctors recommend having sexual intercourse near the ovulation period to get a higher chance of pregnancy. According to statistics, at least 20 percent of couples who follow this strategy succeed in their goal. This is the reason why you need to know when you start ovulating.

Advanced Woman Calendar

These days, you can easily keep track of your ovulation by using a digital ovulation predictor. How do you know if this process has already begun? Normally, ovulation can be calculated by counting at least 12 days backwards after your last menstrual period. By counting the number of days, you will have a fair estimate as to when the ovulation starts. The best way to monitor this change in your body is to closely observe your menstrual period and by using an ovulation predictor like Advaned Woman Calendar. 

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