Why Use the Advanced Woman Calendar

Getting pregnant is one of the first steps couples take when they get married. But having that first child is not as easy as it sounds or looks. It is a matter of health, timing, and regular visits to the doctor. One of the methods you can take to assure that first pregnancy is by tracking your ovulation. The Advanced Woman Calendar software can be used on your laptop to monitor the best time for getting pregnant. This program works by having the ovulation calendar show 3 months. Within these months, the calendar analyzes the menstrual cycles to see when your most fertile periods are. Women with regular periods can just add 14 days to their first day, but the scheduling is more challenging for those with irregular periods. If you experience irregular period days, then the Women Advanced Calendar can calculate the most fertile time for you. This method is one of the sure fire ways of conceiving, so no need to resort to extreme methods or spending extra for yet another visit to the doctor. Be sure, however, to consult before hand so that you know the other steps to arriving at a healthy conception.

The Women Advanced Calendar isn’t just for getting pregnant. You can opt for a natural birth control method and have the program analyze your periods and indicate the safest days to have sex. The calculation begins when you note the last days of your period. From there, an ovulation calendar for 3 months will be processed to show the safe days and fertile days.

Advanced Woman Calendar

Both safe days and fertile days can be viewed on your computer for easy access. Have the calculation of that 3 month ovulation calendar done while working or checking your email. The convenience and performance of Advanced Woman Calendar is assured with every step.

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